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"If I wasn’t the first to jump off the cliff and survive, most of you wouldn’t have the guts to fly!"

Aries, the ram is a natural born leader! Always impulsive, spontaneous, and headstrong. Quick to anger, support a fight and share unwavering opinions. They often remind one of a left lane driver, barreling down the highway of life with one mission in mind…”get to the destination!” The problem is, there’s is no true destination and if they move too fast they may miss some magical moments along the way. Aries people are risk takers and initiators who don’t mind failing multiple times. They have enough energy to start another project with an equal amount of vitality. They can be quite self-absorbed and independent. They believe that every person should take care of themselves. If for some reason  they can’t obtain what’s desired, they are willing to go without before they consider themselves a burden on someone else. This fire sign is very accepting of unique personalities. They believe everyone has a right to express themselves however they choose as long as it doesn’t impede on the livelihood of another. They often lie to protect their fierce aggression and one-sided ways but if you can’t handle it…they’ll never beg you to stay. Often called “the baby of the zodiac”. Wanting his/her way and sometimes impatient when results are not shown quickly. The ego forces them to react with juvenile expression by believing no one understands their motives when the reality is, their motives less than often include the concerns of others. Their energy burns fast and then crashes. They often times take naps throughout the day to rejuvenate their batteries. One major spiritual lesson would be to conserve their expression when it’s necessary…not everyone or everything deserves such a fierce reaction. Ruled by the head, it would be wise to pay attention to headaches and head injuries. When the body gets the message…the soul is already imbalanced. I love Aries for their bold, inventive ways, if they didn’t exist…nothing would get done!

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