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" I remind you of compassion, while the world reinstates hate!"

The compassion of a Pisces is insurmountable. Their capacity to care for others is unlike any other. The uncanny ability to feel the feelings of another and respond to their heart's desire is a gift almost beyond human nature. However, they are so empathetic, they often take on other's pain to the detriment of their own health.  The Fish include the majority of addicted personalities present because they would rather harbor the negatively felt within themselves then project it on anyone else. They should ritualistically cleanse their bodies and auras by the ocean; saltwater baths; light stretches and/or meditation.  These healthy practices will help them remove unwanted tension built up around them. Pisces are often bored with life and the antics of the Earth’s power hungry existence. They have reincarnated many times before and seem to be on their last tour as a human. They often times know exactly what’s going to be said and could be seen drifting off into space as a way of “checking out”. This protective mechanism creates sanity in their world.  Other grounded signs may perceive them as airheaded and naive but ask them a question about almost anything you would like to quiz them on, the genius in them will shock you and regurgitate everything mentioned.  Passive aggression suits them fine…why get blamed when they can make it seem like it’s what you wanted in the first place? They hide behind responsibility in fear of being rejected or chastised.  A chameleon of sorts, able to adapt to any situation thrown at them. They shapeshift to their circumstance in order to make life easier.  I love Pisces people, they position themselves to brace your fall…quite anonymously.

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