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"If I didn't shine, no one would have light"

If you ask a Lion does the sunrise on their command, you would receive a resounding, YES!!!! Besides it being the ruler of this sign, they actually take the responsibility of being the source of which all others remain content. They provide light, energy, jubilance, and joy wherever they go. They adore attention and admiration to validate the effort they exude in being the absolute best they can be at any given moment. Even though they can appear to be self-centered, they are happy to return the praise.  Leos are proud and loyal friends, willing to be a cheerleader for those they believe in. Lions possess a radiance in their eyes that’s infectious and desired.  Naturally gifted with a physical beauty that eclipses any room. Leos are self-confident in everything they do. Even if they’re ill-equipped and prematurely assigned a project, their courage will propel them to excellence. Often times they suffer in silence. The majestic lion is adamant in protecting their faults. Only a select few are chosen to see them vulnerable and weak. They refuse to appear publicly until they are feeling exuberant again. Leos are generous, affectionate, charismatic, and often theatrical in their behavior. This fire sign burns with a vast array of colorful expressions. A lover of children, creativity, and joy! They feel safe behind the guise of play because life should never be too serious. Immaturity often surfaces when their egos are bruised. Leos are sticklers for quality and extravagance. The finer things in life reflect the value system they stand on. If you cannot live up their standards, you may be dismissed. Lions are opportunists but hate to admit it. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to utilize others to advance their status. I love Leo people for their bravery and willingness to shine their light regardless of popular opinion.

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