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" I know everything there is to know...!"

In walks in the true humanitarian of the zodiac. Aquarius loves all things universal, mother earth, animals, plant life….essentially anything or anyone within an acceptable “hearts distance” in order to control their emotions. It’s preferred to serve others within a group setting because there’s potentially less confrontation. Individual attention allows others to become reliant on them…and freedom means more to them than air. Friends are extremely important in their world because they are chosen. Family could be difficult to deal with because of the potential vast difference in opinion, and as a true rebel, no one has the right to question them on their individualistic movements. However, their rebellious nature almost always seems to create a debate. If you say right, an Aquarian will say left…without little reason…just because you mentioned the contrary. The Water Bearer has an insatiable need, “to know”. In fact, within any conversation, an Aquarius will always mention how much they “know”. The intellectual prowess of this sign surpasses most. Their cerebral appetite is endearing until ego grabs hold and turn it into overbearing arrogance, they must be careful of this flaw. Our world's most talented inventors and technical wizards. They come up with the most bizarre and unusual ideas that change the future. Forward thinking and adventurous, they are dreamers on a mission. Lovers of astrology, the metaphysical, & computers. They always see the power in the unknown and will rally behind with proper thought and the zest for possibility. I love water bearers because they never judge the unusual and always advocates personal truth.

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