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"I feel the pain of the world and retreat to silence for strength"

Cancers are the supreme nurturers of the zodiac. Always willing to share their homes scented with candles and food; caressed with ambient lighting and your favorite chair. Always kind and available to listen to a heart in need. These crabs are extremely sensitive because they have a perceptive antenna that scans their environment as they tour the planet. Often times picking up on the emotions of others and unknowing counting them as their own. They are also ruled by the ever changing moon. Experiencing an array of emotions on a daily basis. As the moon changes, so do the mood. Never a predictable moment in the life of a Cancer. Often times they protect themselves against emotional overexposure, by shutting down and hiding their feelings when empathy becomes too much to handle. Some may classify this as an unwelcomed attitude but this method actually rejuvenates them to return to their loving self. Nostalgic for the past, they find comfort in living in the memory of what was, opposed to the uncertainty of what could be. Emotional manipulation is a true tactic for Cancers. They know how to change the mood of the room instantaneously in hopes to get what they want. Often times if they don’t receive what’s the desire they sulk in defiance, holding on to their love in a miserly way. A shrewd businessperson with a tender touch. I bet it was a Cancer that came up the line, “…just business, never personal”! However, never cross a crab.  When backed up into a corner, they come out swinging with reckless abandonment. Sacrificing a claw to preserve the rest of the body, is never a second thought. I love Cancers, you can trust them with one of the most important things in existence…your heart.

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