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"When it's organized, it makes sense"

Planet Earth would be in a complete and utter mess without the talents, gifts, and concerns of a Virgo. This precise Virgin takes pride in keeping meticulous records of everything that enters their world. They work tirelessly to complete assigned projects and almost never ask for recognition in return. Although perfection is an unattainable illusion, they are convicted to receive some semblance of it. Often times their personal growth is stunted when they realize their plan to succeed is not laid out in an ideal manner. They must remember that life is unexpected and change is inevitable. Flawlessness may be a fault in their personal sector when someone they love fails to match it. They have a tendency of picking their beloveds apart with criticism. When their false expectations are not met, they tend to fall into denial as a protective measure not to notice the imperfections. However, they are extremely sensual beings tuned into the world and it’s occupants visceral needs. They believe in soft touches and intellectual stimulation. Completely service orientated, they often do more for others than themselves.  Virgos must remember to take better care of themselves.  It’s impossible to care for those they love when they are drained lifeless.  I love Virgos for their ability to compartmentalize life without too much ego…they relentlessly focus on the greater good.

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