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"The moment I lose interest, I will destroy it and build something better! "

The dynamic personality of the Scorpion is often misunderstood. They appear to be very mysterious, oftentimes sneaky. More communicative signs become frustrated with the need to receive more information from them because it makes them feel comfortable about their own choices and thought processes.  Many do not have the patience to allow a Scorpio to obtain the trust needed to share their souls. The depths of the ocean are where they dwell and all feelings are kept sacred there. If you are privileged to be invited, you must handle their hearts with care or revenge is theirs. There’s no hiding your truth from these intuitive individuals. They often have beautiful, piercing eyes which search with intensity. Passion and determination are embedded in their skin which allows them to complete projects with fierce efficiency. Unafraid by the power of transformation, they often break things down with purposeful drama, just to have the pleasure of building it up again. When Scorpios become bored, they will consciously destroy something they built to engage in something new.  To most, the latter action looks borderline “nuts”, but the magic in their intention is the concept that nothing lasts forever so we might as well initiate change. A loyal friend until their last breath but can be a bit controlling at times. They try to control another for the mere reason of not wanting to get hurt; ultra-sensitive souls.  Sexy, sultry, and real. I love Scorpios because they are fearless with their emotions and continuously dare you to live your purpose.

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