The Village Hut

Have you ever wanted to learn how to read Western Astrology Natal Charts for yourself, your friends/family, and/or how to create a business out of it? Allow us to take you through five pillars of establishing YOUR understanding and interpretation of this Intuitive art. Sonja Marie wishes to share her story, her secrets, her astrological knowledge, her spiritual practices, and resources to serve as an assistant to further expand your evolution to the knowledge of self. We will also share with you how to turn this experience into a money-making opportunity to serve your financial needs. It’s time to invest in yourself, so the universe can continue to invest in YOU. Information is always best used when shared! There are Only 10 openings available in The Hut to benefit from the gracious modality of Western Astrology. Register Today!

The Five (5) Pillars

​In addition to your access to The Village, you will acquire the following skills: 

  • Connecting to Spirit

  • Self Care

  • Connecting to Each Other

  • Western Astrology 

  • The Business of Astrology

For those attending our annual retreat Wordlife Astrology Retreat will be honored during a private luncheon. All will be given a certificate upon completion. 

Your Investment: $1500.00** (Payment Option Available)

**2021 Village Hut will run from February 1 - July 31, 2021