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"I can't stop to show you how sensitive I am, I have way too much work to accomplish!"

The ambitious goat will only stop when they reach the top. They assuredly place their hooves in the smallest crack of the tallest mountain, calculating the success of their next step. Tirelessly is the only way to work. Leading a crew of dedicated supporters is a piece of sweet potato pie.  They marvel in leadership positions properly assigning and executing the right people for the right jobs. Remaining practical and keeping emotions at bay guarantees progress; who has time to cry? Caps are controlling and determined to get exactly what they want. Proving their excellence and reinforcing their priorities, seem more honorable then establishing a hefty social life. Periodically, friends may be used in a practical manner to assure the perfect outcome.  Everyone and everything has a purpose in their lives which leaves them little time for frivolous actions.  They may not be there when you want them, but they’re there when you need them. As children, they were serious types. Understanding the role of responsibility and hard work. They often become younger as they get older. Relaxing in the assumption that life is not always filled with tradition and routine, but a little fun creates memories that last forever. Often times judgmental but fair to examine the truth. Their opinion matters greatly as a result of examining many thoughts and surrounding actions of those they admire.  However, if you can prove them wrong, your stock will shatter the roof and you will forever be revered in their eyes.  I love Capricorn folks, they keep your feet planted and your head up, when the world tends to take an idealistic ride.

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