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"Nothing can multitask like my beautiful mind!"

Gemini is the master communicator of the zodiac. They are blessed with the gift of convincing you of anything you once thought was absurd, and now, will quickly spend money on it. I usually say this acceptable bipolar twin will sell you ice in Alaska. They know exactly what to say to charm you out of your pockets and hearts but can possess the same dedication in degrading your character with words that slice open your throat and leave you gasping in apologies. They stand by their word with or without your approval. Simply, in their brilliant minds, they have convinced themselves that their truth is all they need. Often quite intelligent and insightful with the ability to conduct several different projects at once. This air sign displays a heap of mental acrobats that would shatter the confidence of Albert Einstein. Gemini also has an extreme kind side to their nature. They will support you in almost any endeavor, even if you’re wrong. They service your needs to perfection by providing you with information and ego boosting compliments. Believing in the adage, anything is possible if we put in equal amounts of energy to produce it, together. These social creatures are always excited to throw a memorable party making sure the needs of each guest are met. However, please refrain from deep, painful, childhood conversations. They’d rather keep the mood light and superficial because feelings are confusing and a bit too ambiguous for their taste. They often times root for the underdog, especially on sociopolitical issues. The facts are what matter to them and justice is one step away from proving it. Their lungs and stomachs usually suffer due to nerves. So dear twin, laugh and visit those deep seeded issues every now and again so you don’t end up with an ulcer. I love Gemini’s for their love of information. Anything you wanna know, ask…if they don’t know…they’ll enthusiastically find out for you.

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