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"The beauty of balance, is accepting the imbalance "

Dear charming Libra! The epitome of beauty…the aroma of grace. They float with class and dignity and smile with respect and pleasantry until someone pisses them off! Once the storm is over, they’re inviting you to lunch. What angers them most is the act of injustice and an inability to see the importance of a win/win situation. Libras are the ultimate diplomat which advocates for the underdog. They make accomplished politicians who consider the bigger picture with an emotional detachment that keeps personal opinion at bay. However, they have the tendency to be in constant indecision until they’ve weighed each pro and con, thoroughly.  They often times miss the boat on great opportunities because their fear stifles their thinking. They will oftentimes feel that regardless of what they do, they should’ve decided otherwise. Libras rely on the balance of partnerships. The need to communicate their thoughts with someone they care for helps to find other ways of dealing with life’s puzzling questions. Those without a strong sense of self find pain in existing without someone close to bounce ideas and share the beauty in the world as they see it. They have a tendency to play the victim. Blaming others for their selfish behavior without realizing that difference makes the world go round. Libras are leaders of the mental plane. They have the ability to think of a master plan carefully executing it, especially if they capable people to carry it out. I love Libras for respecting the art of allure. A Libras intention is to ignite a room with a continuous mental seduction.

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