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Alecia Velma_HBOP (Hummingbird of Paradise) of SOALightSHC ( Libra Sun, Scorpio Rise, Aquarian Moon) - is a light being of the universe, I AM a loving & proud mother, grandmother, surrogate mother, Godmother, aunt, great aunt, good friend to many, a teacher and a catalyst. My purpose is to assist in lighting the spark within to unfold one's soul mission and purpose thru Sankofa Yoga which incorporates Breathing, Sacred Heart Therapy, Meditation some Tapping, Tai Chi, and Qigong, along with resources and references. Also to nurture, to give service to myself, others, walk and live the path of Love & Light, bridge the gap between us, our children, our elderly and assist in transforming the material into the spiritual. I Am a Libra, with a Aquarian Moon and a Scorpio rising. I Am a Native Washingtonian. Live in the DMV area. I have been studying Astrology and Numerology since 1985, when I took classes from The Institute of Karmic Guidance under Astrologer Charlene Bomar. Still working on the Trines, squares, conjuctions, and sextiles. I work with a few card decks too, not Tarot. I chose to live as best I can by MAAT: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Order, Harmony, Balance and Reciprocity.

I have taught children and young people for a span of 55 plus years. I taught and practice Sankofa Yoga for over 20 years. I hold a degree in Biological Technology. I AM a certified Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master. I AM also a retired librarian. I have practiced natural health and healing since 1974. I was raised in a family that inspired health, nutrition, family and spiritual values. I also used the properties of gemstones, to make unique jewelry.

Our children are our must "precious fruits of our labor". They are the "essence & innocence” of life itself. They come fresh from "The Creator" with their unique gifts and soul's purpose, with wisdom, a knowing; also with messages. If we listen, we can also learn from them. They bring joy and are a joy, bring lessons and challenges for our growth.

We must seek first, to find out what is their purpose, passion, talents and gifts. With that information; we can nurturer, teach, guide and direct them on their proper path. (NOT CONTROL THEM OR MOLD THEM IN OUR IMAGE OR EXPECTATIONS). They need our patience, support, respect, listening ear, guidance, example & understanding.

I believe all teaching should be from the inside out, not the outside in as it is done in many of our current educational systems, homes, churches and society. We need to allow them to question and explore. There is no dumb question! We should not be afraid to say we don't know the answer. They are unique, like we are unique with our own unique purpose and gifts to contribute.

Our elders carry the experience and the wisdom of their journey to share and leave messages behind, before they return to "The Creator". We should listen and learn from them. We are all on a journey, seeking, learning, growing and exploring. We are forever students; even in transition to the next stage of our soul's journey, be it here on earth or elsewhere in the universe. There is no death. Our souls "change form" (transition), like all living things on planet Earth, as Earth itself does!


I Am so excited to join "The Village".. I love the humility and realness of Sonja Marie. I Am always attracted to the children, youth and young adults. Looking forward to growing more and seeing what I also can contribute. A colleague, Metaphycian, Gabree Amlak directed me to Sonja Marie. I believe we all are here at this time of great change to clear up our Karma and contribute our gifts for the Greater Good of Us All. I understand "We Are One" there really is no separation, except what man has made. The Universe does things in cycles and we all are a part of these cycles. We All chose to be here at this time. We are One with "The All".

Alecia Velma_HBOP of SOALightSHC

Alecia Velma_HBOP of SOALightSHC

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