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Wordlife Astrology Retreats,


erected in 2017 from a need to build a "like mind, like spirit" community.


I began to seek those who quietly believed in the continued life of our Ancestors, those who used energy and intuition as a guide, as well as relying on rituals and traditions to heal generations of pain.


I desired our retreats to give the opportunity to see our reflections in one another, sharing stories of triumph and defeat that help to melt any isolated feelings we may experience in our daily lives.


We use ancient modalities from yoga to Chi Gong, as well as Ayurvedic presentations to Writing Workshops, to curate a safe space to  grow knowledge and application, surrounding a desired spirituality.


Always situated In highly, energetic charged locations such as, Sedona, Az and Yosemite, Ca, we show up raw and ready to release all that doesn't serve us.


Our retreats were created to enhance life and spark motivation to lead future generations on a path only their souls desire.

Wordlife Retreat

Past Retreats & Testimonials: