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"I’d rather have one Bentley then seventeen Fords; Quality is everything!"

Taurus, the bull is a very gentle, steadfast, stubborn and methodical soul. They walk through life with an assured step, always dedicated to the decisions and the responsibilities that come with them. Often accused of sticking to routine; “…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”…can be adopted as their mantra. The danger with this ideology is that life is all about change, and Taurus has the hardest time bending with evolution. They fear the new and exciting because it hasn’t been proven tried or true. Their peers seemingly excel in life faster than they do; cautious about the adventures a rocky road can take them.  However, to their credit, when everyone else is exhausted and old from the fast-paced race, a Taurus will bring up the rear with vitality, clear thinking, and proper health to last another mile; slow and steady wins the race. They plod through life like martyrs at times, taking the blows for others and lending to their shine. Dedicated to friends and family as their lives depend on it. Strict people of their word that find the contrary action appalling and considered deal breakers to an existing relationship. However, they can find it quite difficult to relinquish alliances that no longer serve them. Emotionally draining relationships seem to stick around a little longer than they should, as the bull gives more chances then needed. Taurus’ are down to earth with a no-nonsense approach to life, saying exactly what they mean with sincerity and strength. They love to spoil the people they love with quality gifts but can also be thrifty at times. They’ve spent time and energy finding exactly what someone needs at half the cost. However, they are considered true manifesters that can respect money and the value it can bring to someone’s existence. Often artistic and very musical…they marvel in the beauty of the notes and the colors of the song. They have a love affair with food that’s far from gluttony. The Bull admires the presentation and the beauty of food that enhances their desirable nature. They make adoring mothers and dependable fathers. Always present when needed but far enough away for their children to experience their own journey without being overprotected. I love Taurus’ for their unrelenting devotion. If there weren’t solid bulls in the world, the notion of loyalty would be a mere dream.

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