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Wordlife Astrology Presents

The Village

Allow me to officially welcome you to The Age of Aquarius! An important era that will require us to come together as a collective to better serve ourselves and society at large. We are proud to offer up the fourth year of bringing together like-minded individuals interested in using the modality of Western Astrology to navigate during these unpredictable times.


Come with us on a seven-month journey of extensive weekly astrological breakdowns to an intention worksheet keeping you accountable for your actions.


For $35 a month, Western Astrology as explained in the light of Spirit, Our Ancestors, and our illustrious universe, is aimed to keep us informed and encouraged.


You may join at any time throughout the membership scheduled to end August 31, 2022. Looking forward to sharing with you soon!

Membership Includes:

  • 2022 Intention Worksheet

  • Resource Center

  • 12 Sign Run Down (Monthly)

  • Extended Weekly Rundown 

  • Access to Private Facebook Community

Monthly Membership Cost: $35**

**2022 Village will run from February 1 - August 31, 2022
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