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The Village Hut

MARCH 7, 2023 THROUGH APRIL 25, 2023

Learn to establish practical yet individual rituals of connecting to your Ancestors and Guides for protection and assistance in reading Western Astrology Natal Charts for yourself, your friends & family.

(please note, we will NOT learn the business aspect during this incarnation of the Village Hut as suggested in the above audio)

However, spend 8 consecutive weeks with Sonja Marie via Recorded Zoom sessions, as she puts you on a "fast track" through the four pillars of the Village Hut. 

The FOUR Pillars

  • Connecting to Spirit

  • Connecting to Self 

  • Connecting to One Another 

  • Basis of Western Astrology 

Each pillar will attempt to establish an understanding of the CORE YOU within the intuitive art of Western Astrology. 

Sonja Marie will share with you her stories, her secrets, her astrological knowledge, her spiritual practices and resources that will serve in assisting you to further expand your evolution to the knowledge of self. 

Your Investment: $800.00**
(Payment Option Available)

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