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Who is
Sonja Marie?

The Astrological Intuit...

Sonja Marie is a true believer that the spiritual intention of self-evolution is to peel away false expectations by using one of the universe’s best tool, the intuitive art of Western Astrology. As it reveals choices, fears, and strengths on our path to self-love, we begin to honestly see our inner reflections, and have the power to deeply LOVE the life we LIVE.

Sonja discovered this powerful tool at a young age. Learning the personalities and intentions of her environment helped to maneuver through some exploratory times growing up in Yonkers, NY. The fascinating accuracy of the universe's map, clarified we all have a purpose beyond our mere understanding.

Simultaneously, the love of words was developing. Over the last 20 years, millions have appreciated Sonja Marie’s poetic prowess as one of three writers featured on the multiplatinum soundtrack, Waiting To Exhale, and as a collaborator with musical icon Teena Marie, with Cody ChesnuTT of the Legendary Roots Crew, and uber R & B Producer Mike City (Brandy, Usher).

Although music and poetry have afforded Sonja many opportunities to write – two solo poetry CD’s; five poetry anthologies, and a poetry eBook, “Thoughts And Wishes After The Storm” – she is equally proud of her work, WordLife Astrology, a weekly astrological blog, where she uses Western Astrology’s mathematical yet metaphysical teachings to guide whoever it resonates with.

Sonja has conducted over 200 workshops and lectures nationwide. Her passion is to infuse the importance of universal insight in hopes of encouraging people to be responsible for their choices based on personality and purpose. Her down to earth approach to the ancient science of astrology has garnered many followers, including MC Lyte, Loni Love, and Angelique Perrin, who selected Sonja as the resident astrologer of their radio show, Cafe Mocha Radio. ESSENCE Magazine also celebrates her insights as to their monthly horoscope columnist for over 3 million subscribers. Sonja’s national television appearances include “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Doctors”.

In November 2020, Sonja Marie released her first book "The Signs - An Astrological Memoir". The memoir affords readers deeper knowledge of the Signs themselves and how their energy is an integral part of us, which can open the door for more life expansion in our personal and professional lives. 

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