As an astrological intuit, I am committed to revealing the truth about ourselves and others so we may experience a more harmonious existence. Often times we fight against the flow of nature and insist we control our environment. Your intuition begins to whisper and you start the process of ignoring all you know to be true. This is a crucial moment. A crossroads of denial that could lead you on a seven-year road of backtracking and misunderstandings. I believe we all have the healing power of hearing exactly what’s needed for our evolution, however, sometimes Spirit puts tools in another's hands to unapologetically express the importance of, the next step.

In my down to earth, Yonkers NY approach, I willingly become an open channel to assist those that cross paths with me. My guides are led to connect with yours to show you exactly what you need to hear at the moment. Many ancestors who have crossed over and visit during our session to secure their presence in your life; this earth walk is never done alone. They flood me with images, insight, and astrological information that empowers you to see what’s necessary to get strong and jump into the next phase of life. I am in the business of helping you to discover your inner fortitude so you may prayerfully be inspired to heal the next deflated soul in continuing their shine. We are all in this together!

Looking forward to speaking with you and adding to the illumination of the planet. Your light is definitely needed, and us healing souls are slated to WIN!